• Cameron Shivers

Jenay and Kevin

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Well... This was probably the most eventful engagement shoot I have ever had! First, it was scorching hot, then in the middle of the shoot TONS of wind came, then at the end it starts to pour! I mean if anything could ever go wrong... it did. BUT, this couple conquered this engagement shoot likes champs. Whether it was us goofing off, changing in public, creating a band album cover, OR literally creating the most epic photos in the most random weather!

One of the things I love most about Jenay and Kevin, besides their sweet pups, are the awkward and funny moments they bring to the table! One instance comes to mind, when I asked Jenay and Kevin to turn/tilt their heads when they go in for a kiss. Y'all.... I literally said "and go!" and these two love birds turned both their heads facing me and tried to move their mouths/LIPS to kiss sideways. HA! THIS moment right here, was the most fun and loving kiss I have ever seen to date! You both are amazing individuals and I am so happy I have the privilege of getting to know you both and capturing your special and fun love!!


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