• Cameron Shivers

Syerra and Hank

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

First off, I just want to say "AHHHHHH!" haha

Syerra and Hank... Where do I begin... I am so in love with how your wedding turned out, that I hardly have enough words to express my excitement, besides "AHHHHHH!". This wedding showed me that love has no limits and forever happiness can be found at any stage in life and sometimes when you least expect it! You both have been together since High School. Can you believe that? Your love grows daily and I am so blessed to have been able to be apart of something that is so rare.

Your wedding was THE most beautiful day and not a rain cloud in sight. Venue was set up perfectly, your dress was to die for, the screaming was real, and the love and happiness in every room shined louder than the smile on everyone's faces. I truly believe that your love was not just a "first site" kind of love. It was true commitment through and through. Your love is a testament to not only each other but also to God. The love and support of your family, friends, and each other is what sets you both apart from the world. It is pure, it is kind, it is patient, and above all, yours.

Listening to both of your vows and watching Hank get teary eyed as he stared back at the love of his life, was one of the sweetest moments for me to be able to capture. Guests cheered when you both were pronounced husband and wife and everyone watched you kiss and walk off proudly arm in arm. There was a ton of screaming on Syerra's part, BEFORE ceremony, DURING ceremony, and AFTER ceremony. When you think Syerra is done being so excited that she was screaming.... you would hear her scream again in the middle of the ceremony! You both put a smile on my face every time I think back on your special day!

I drove home from this wedding day with a huge smile on my face. Everything was perfect and I was so thankful to have been a part of it and to have been chosen as your photographer!


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