We truly believe that our first and most important aspect of our company is to give the ultimate romantic, magical, elegant package that is customized to each and every bride. Lila Mae Weddings started off with our signature style. The light and airy feel gives the timeless elegance that will never go out of style. Lila Mae Weddings started off creating images that reflected a whimsical elegance that could only be captured by the brides who fell in love with natural light. The signature classic is full of vibrant colors that show off your beauty in a way that doesn't alter your natural glow. From the pink lipstick you pick, to the nail color at the salon, to your new highlights from your hair stylist, your special day is filled with decisions that make you, you. I want to showcase your beauty the way you see yourself. Glowing, bright, and elegant. This is what embodies the Lila Mae Weddings Signature Classic.

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